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SEO Case Studies For Your Business

Proven SEO Results For Real Businesses

Come take a look at our collection of SEO case studies – they show how we help businesses get more noticed on the web. But keep in mind, if you’re searching for keywords related to your own biz and don’t have Incognito Browsing enabled, your search won’t be giving you accurate rank data. That’s ’cause only cached results from YOUR browser will be showing up, which can really mess up the accuracy. To avoid this, check out why private browsing is so important when it comes to checking your website/product page rankings. Let us know what you think about our SEO Case Studies.

Let Our SEO Results Speak For Themselves!

We’ll Start With Centric Cleaning

Take a look at all of our SEO Case Studies. We ranked Centric Cleaning for several terms, one of the most competitive terms for janitorial companies in Kentucky is Stripping and Waxing. Centric Cleaning wanted to grow drastically and with our SEO we we’re able to put them #1 on google for several different cleaning categories.


Epoxy Floor Hero Ranks #1 For Epoxy Floors in Lexington

Epoxy flooring is a very competitive market, especially because of the amount of painters that provide this service. None the less in the midst of a condensed market of service providers, we we’re able to get Epoxy Hero to rank #1 for over 90% of their targeted keywords. View our new SEO Case Study.


Lastly we’ll show you how we helped Apex Waterproofing get to #1 in the Local Pack. 

They contacted us when they couldn’t find their business online, within a couple weeks we we’re able to optimize their google listing and get them to #1. We’ve helped a bunch of service-based companies with their SEO. Our team of pros has tweaked website content and identified key words to help these services appear more often on Google and Bing. We also did technical stuff like making pages load faster and optimizing meta tags to improve rankings. Plus, we used social media to get the word out about the sites and it led to an uptick in organic traffic for the businesses.


Can You Even Be Found Online?

Top Rated SEO Case Study

Top Rated SEO Case Study

Having trouble getting people to notice your business online? It’s likely due to a lack of proper search engine optimization (SEO). You need to make sure you’re using the right keywords and adding meta descriptions so Google can rank your site. Optimizing each page will make sure people will find it and maybe even reach out. But if you don’t optimize, your site won’t get much visibility. Don’t worry, Stinnett Marketing has digital solutions that will help you out!


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