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Facebook Marketing is a great tool for businesses to reach potential customers. We offer 3 main elements: content creation, paid ads, and post optimization strategies. Here’s how those work for your local company. Our content creation involves visuals and text posts optimized with hashtags/keywords. Paid ads can target age, gender, location, and interests. The optimization of your Facebook page, and its ad’s is a continuous process that we tweak month to month to make sure that your ads are performing.  With our knowledge of Facebook Marketing we can create a successful blueprint for your business to succeed.

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Top Rated Facebook Specialist

Top Rated Facebook Specialist

Stinnett Marketing has been assisting service-based businesses with social media marketing for the past five years. Offering content creation, paid advertising campaigns, and custom strategies, we focus on creating an engaging online presence that maximizes engagement with your brand. Utilizing Facebook Marketing analytics tools, Stinnett has achieved success in increasing website traffic and generating leads. With an in-depth understanding of the target audience, we are able to generate meaningful returns on investment from various channels on Facebook. To get started book a consultation with us today.


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