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Local Advertising Services

At Stinnett Marketing, we are committed to helping your business take off. With our extensive services from search engine optimization and website design to email campaigns, you can trust us with the tools necessary for success. Our experts understand what messages work best when targeting customers so let us help you create online advertisements that will attract potential clients in no time! Not only do we have cuttingedge creative solutions and copywriting skills; but also years of experience combined with valuable industry insights which enable rapid results as well as assist in constructing a lasting brand over an extended period. Let’s get started growing your business!

What Is Marketing?


How Does Marketing Work?

Top Rated Marketing Company

Are you a business owner looking to take your company to the next level? Look no further than Stinnett. We use the latest, proven strategies in the digital world, such as SEO, PPC, social media, content creation, and design services. Our comprehensive approach to web development and promotion lets us get tangible results fast and saves you time and money. Plus, our systems are designed to meet your individual needs and increase revenue without extra investments.

We also provide easy access to analytics

You can see what’s working and what needs to be corrected. Through our follow ups and feedback, we make sure that the relationship between us and our clients is strong and that the project is successful. With Stinnett Marketing, you can be sure that your company will reach new heights. Marketing is a very important part of society, many items that we buy everyday have been marketed to us for years. Learn more about the history of marketing.

What other Marketing Services do we provide?
  • Citation Management: We can fix your citations and make sure that your name, telephone number and address are the same across all platforms, ensuring better off site seo. 

  • Business Coaching: As successful entrepreneurs ourselves, we can help you with business coaching to take your local business to the next level. If you have general questions, we can answer those too. 

  • Marketing Consulting: We work with marketing agencies, business owners who have built their own sites or manage their own google campaigns. Sometimes you need an outsider perspective on what you’re doing. 

  • Video Creation: We have been designing videos for 20+ years, if you need video creation for business promotion, or marketing – we have you covered here at Stinnett! Call us today. 

  • Social Media Ads: Do you need help getting found on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Twitter? We can help! 

  • Sales Coaching: We’ve helped take local entrepreneurs over their million dollar goals many times with our sales programs, if you need to grow your company we can help! 

  • Lexington Marketing Company: We’re based out of Lexington, KY so naturally we service the Fayette county area with digital advertising services. 

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