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Here at Stinnett Marketing everything that we say, do and implement is backed by data. That’s why our Lexington, KY web design is second to none. We look at the data, we study it and we tweak things till it’s just right. There are no two websites or local businesses that are exactly the same, each is their own and must be treated as such. If you’re looking for a local marketing company to take your online presence to another level, look no further! We’re excited to speak with you.

How Many Businesses Have We Helped?

Below you’ll find a few different websites that we have built from the ground up. For each of these companies we have designed their logo, setup their onsite SEO, optimized their YouTube channel / other social media pages and built a very aggressive PPC campaign. Feel free to check them out!


Senior Legacy Grows 73% in one year!

If someone said they could help you grow your revenue by 73% in just one year would you take them seriously? We’ve helped take SLG to the top with our lead generation and micro branding services. Their website functions perfectly for elderly users looking for life insurance.

New Policies Sold 73%
Client Retention 97%
New Lead Generation 80%

Epoxy Hero Expands Into New Markets

Take a look at how quickly epoxy hero is growing their business with our SEO services. They have dominated online for  epoxy flooring with our PPC campaigns and have now decided to continue the growth of their company by bringing on Wood Floor Hero.

New Clients 89%
Revenue Growth 67%
New Leads Generated 99%

Wood Floor Hero Hits 400k in 8 months!

Growing your business takes drive, dedication, focus and resolve, but it also takes a strong marketing company like Stinnett Marketing to help handle all the noise online. We’ve built a successful marketing campaign with a 10x return on investment for Wood Floor Hero.

Revenue Growth 100%
New Floors Refinished 91%
Monthly Leads Generated 84%

63 % growth each year for FIVE years!

We’ve been an active part in the success for Centric Cleaning and their growth since 2013. For the past five years we have helped them steadily grow over 63% each year and counting. If you’re a service based business that wants to grow rapidly like Centric, we can help you reach your goals.

Client Retention 100%
Revenue Growth 65%
New Lead Generation 80%

New Leads Up 91% in 6 months!

Resale Daddy is one of our newest clients who is laser focused on PPC, micro branding and online lead generation in Lexington, KY. Our marketing data and analysis has helped take them to new heights with their online eBay store. We’re excited to see how much they grow in 2023!

New Online Sales 78%
Repeat Customers 95%
Website Traffic 81%

Over 5 Million & Counting

LCE is one of our biggest success stories, over 5 million dollars in sales in 3 years for this commercial client. We’ve taken over their online presence 100% with all of our Stinnett Marketing services here in Lexington, KY. No matter where you are in America we can help you win!

New Commercial Contracts 99%
YTD Growth 62%
New Lead Generation 77%
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